Weʼre raising £5,000 to help support the Princess Anne Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in memory of our angel baby Jack.

Our beautiful boy Jack decided to make a surprise appearance at 26weeks. He was born naturally Tuesday 12th December at 3.56am, weighing less than 1kg. He was tiny but so perfect. Due to his small size and arriving so early Jack had to stay in the Princess Anne Neonatal ward under 24/7 supervision. The care he had was incredible and the staff are amazing. Not only did we know our boy was in safe hands, but we were also always told the truth and talked through every up and down he had.

He was a feisty little fighter, trying to hit his wires and tubes out all the time. He has big feet like his dad and my nose. He used to stick his middle finger up at the nurses sometimes. He opened his eyes at us at 27+5. He wee’d all over the incubator when a nurse changed his nappy. He was our little boy. He held out for Christmas, Boxing Day and my 30th birthday on 31st December. New years day our angel lost his fight and we had to let him go. Jack is always here with us and will never be forgotten.

To help ensure other parents continue to get the same love and care, we wanted to raise some money for the unit. Anything you can afford to give will be appreciated, no matter how small.

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