Mark and I did a thing! Our amazing rainbow 🌈 decided he couldn’t wait any longer and made an early appearance at 36 weeks!

William “Billy” John Tigwell born Monday 25th April at 3.44am, weighing a small but perfect 5lb 15oz.

Thanks to the cat waking me up Mark managed to get us to the hospital in time. With my waters breaking on arrival and our baby arriving just an hour later with the help of a little gas and air. It was quite the shock for all of us, including the maternity staff!

What a crazy few years it has been. After the loss of our beautiful first child, Jack in 2018 we never realised the journey we would go on. But all the tears, tests, heartache, struggles and anxious waits have all been worth it in the end.

There is no way we could have gotten through this time without the support of our parents, close friends (you know who you are), Lucy at Catching Rainbows Fertility the team at Care Fertility Bath and the incredible medical team at Dorchester Hospital.

The DCH staff have gone above and beyond to help us finally get our forever baby. Helping us heal after Jack with gentle guidance. Working through the fear of unexplained infertility and starting fertility investigations and IVF treatment. Then supporting us through a very hard and anxious pregnancy with many scares and world record amounts of scans and appointments. Even now at the end stage the postnatal care continues to be amazing.

We can’t quite believe it yet, but we are ecstatic to finally be home with our baby.

What a week!


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