Spring Equinox

It’s been a long time since I updated. I’ve been focusing on my mental health and my body. Getting myself mentally and physically healthy and strong. It’s been a hard but so positive experience and started with some quite dramatic changes. Mainly me setting boundaries and stepping back from sharing too much of my life. I needed a break.

Now seems like the perfect time to post and share a little. I am doing well. Life is good, not perfect but I am stronger and in a positive space. My work life is great and I got a promotion and am doing a course I’ve wanted to do for so many years. My family is loving and so strong, as always we are a tight unit and support one another always.

My biggest update however is…

Finally got to my NHS referral weight. It’s been a long road over the last 2 years of weight loss and self care, but I did it!

So proud of myself and for sticking to it. I knew I had to be strict and not be half arsed this time. In the past I always caved and had way too many treats. Food has stopped being a reward. That was what was my biggest downfall.

Food should be enjoyed in a balanced and relaxed way, not as a diet bargaining tool. If I want chocolate I have it, I just don’t eat it everyday. If I want ice cream (as I did last night) I have it and enjoy it. Moderation.

Learning about balance and throwing out all the fad diets has been my biggest achievement. You do not have to cut out food groups, shake diets will screw up your body and mindset, cutting too much almost always ends in a binge. You can do it with a calorie counter app and good planning alone. No need to spend loads on meal replacements or ready made foods.

Nourish to flourish! Good food in, good things will return. Understand that weight loss is not a downhill slope, it’s a mountain range and that’s normal and ok! Move more and eat less. Reduce white carbs but still allow some when needed. Increase green veggies. Eat lean protein. Gluten is not the enemy. Reduce red meat and sugar. Have eggs and dairy, yes especially full fat!

My main advice? Focus on your why. Why do you want to get healthy? Why are you doing this? Why is it important to you? With a strong why, you cannot fail.

You can find balanced and no nonsense diet advice in the book It Starts With The Egg. This has really helped me to stop cutting so much abs learning that food is just that, food.

So this is where the next chapter starts in our journey

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