Healing naturally

There are a wide range of things I wish I had known a year ago. Today I want to tell you about the amazing power of castor oil packs and fertility massage! I can not recommend these enough. They help to ensure your womb is fully emptying after your period, release toxins and promote good digestion.

The mini fertility massage is included below and should be done everyday from when you finish bleeding to just as you see your pre ovulation temperature rise. Do not do again until after your next period. To track bbt, I use the Femometer app as it syncs with my thermometer and offers much better tracking than flo or ovia. I only track bbt and do ovulation strips.

Only do castor oil packs after you finish your period for 4 days max before you ovulate. Never do during or after ovulation or during your period. Only do for 30mins as it can end up making you have an upset stomach. It’s important to combine with a fertility massage prior to doing it.

You need organic castor oil, 1 large towel, 1 small towel, flannel or a cloth, plastic tub and a hot water bottle. You can also use plastic wrap over the flannel to protect your hot water bottle, but I don’t bother as mines older and fabric covered.

Pour castor oil in the tub and soak your flannel until saturated, needs to be wet but not dripping, be careful as it can stain fabric. I then pop the lid on and place it on top of my hot water bottle.

Do the massage whilst laying on the large towel. Do not rush it, take time to feel what you are doing.

Place the flannel on your lower belly, put the hot water bottle on top, cover with smaller towel and relax. Replace the flannel in the tub and reuse 4x then wash or discard. I do on my front and lower back for 30 minutes each.

You will notice some old material coming away over the next few days, this is normal and a good sign that things are clearing out. You may also feel a bit tired after doing it as the toxins are being released. Do not panic if your period comes a bit earlier or is lighter the first cycle of doing it.

I also get an Arvigo fertility massage once a month as a deeper treatment. It’s so important to get some self care and connect with your body.

Medical approaches are important, but when you hit the wall of unexplained infertility, it could well be time to try something else before more expensive treatments.

Allana x

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