Warm day, warm heart

I’m currently sat next to my boy. It’s such a beautiful day. I haven’t been here since the funeral. I have been putting it off. I wanted to come here awhile ago but it’s hard. That makes you feel guilty as a mother but I guess I needed time. Today felt right.

Sitting here it’s so peaceful and perfect a place. He has the most beautiful view. His great grandparents are here with him too which brings me huge comfort.

It really is a very special place. It’s so close to Mark and I too which is very important for us.

His flowers are still alive and there are a few bumblebees buzzing around on them. It reminds me that there is a circle to life. Everything that lives will die, but from that new live will always come. As a person who’s beliefs fall more into the pagan realms I find that comforting. It’s so in nature here. There are birds all around me making noise, the sun is beating down, there’s bees and other insects milling about. As there has to be a resting place for our baby, I’m glad it’s here.

– Allana x

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