Onwards and upwards

I’m putting my best foot forward and venturing out on my own today. Mark and I haven’t spent a lot of time apart since Jack was born. A friend has given him some gardening maintenance work this week so I’m on my own. I’m taking the time to start exercising, walking the dog, posting orders, working on the tshirt site and getting used to my company again.

It’s funny, I used to love being by myself. I wanted nothing more than to have me time. Now I’m less keen. My anxiety and depression are pretty high again, understandable I guess. Just feel like somethings going to go wrong. I hope not, I think we’ve had our share of that for one lifetime.

I need to focus on my health in all ways. I’m starting a plan by the lovely ladies at Your Contour. Before getting pregnant I used to train with them, they really know their stuff.

Losing weight isn’t just cosmetic for me. I need a healthy body in order to try again for a baby in the future. Being overweight seriously impacts chances of having a premature baby. It also increases the chance of all sorts of medical problems. I want to give us the best possible chance for a term baby. I’m aching to bring a baby home, to have my baby with me. We deserve to be physical parents.

Right, must go walk the dog and get on with the day. Wish me luck!

– Allana x

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